What To Wear On A Float Trip

On a float trip, expect to have a fun and relaxing experience with your group of friends. However, there are important things to consider before you head on down to the river for some exciting outdoor adventures, especially if it’s your first time.

If you don’t know what to wear on your float trip, this guide will help you prepare and make sure you feel safe, comfortable and have a fabulous time.


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How To Dress For A Rafting And Tubing Trip

Whether you’re going floating, rafting or tubing, there is proper attire that we recommend for river trips. Since it’s a water activity, of course, you’re going to get wet.

You should follow these recommendations to stay comfortable the entire time while heading downstream on rafts or a tube float.

On warm days and spring season, you can wear these:

  • Quick dry shirts, shorts, or bathing suits. No cotton if you’re wearing regular t-shirts.
  • Sports sandals, sneakers, or river shoes. No slippers.
  • Summer sunglasses with a strap.
  • Visor or wide-brim headpiece.

On cool days, these are the clothes to simply wear on a river float trip adventure including kayaking, camping, and hiking:

  • Quick dry t-shirts and shorts, fleece or wool long-sleeved tops, and synthetic leggings. Use middleweight long underwear to stay warm if the temperature is below 60.
  • Fleece or wool socks for sports sandals or sneakers to protect the feet.
  • Waterproof jacket for an extra layer of protection.
  • Eyeglasses with a strap so that it stays in place.
  • Visor or sun hat with a brim.

What to Bring On A Floating Trip

Coming in prepared is the best way to have an enjoyable, scenic float trip. Make sure to include the following essentials on your packing list:

  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 for sun protection.
  • Water bottle and plastic bag.
  • Strap for prescription glasses.
  • Clean towel stored in a dry bag.
  • Extra dry clothes for a quick change after the float trip.
  • Mini cooler if you request a cooler tube. This is ideal for those who want to bring drinks and snacks during the floating trip.
  • Waterproof container for your cell phone, camera or other essential electronics.

Don’t worry if you forget to bring these items because many river outfitters have a shop for souvenirs and convenient supplies including snacks, drinks, and other items like patches, hats, water shoes or tennis shoes, paddling gear, life jacket or splash jackets for floating, and more.


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Outfits Not To Wear And Bring

Now that you know what type of clothes and essential items to bring with you on river float trips, it’s time to talk about some particular clothing items that you should not bring:

  • Cotton shorts, pants, jeans or t-shirts.
  • Flip-flops.
  • Expensive sunglasses or reading glasses without straps as they might fall.
  • Cotton socks.
  • Sharp objects.
  • Jewelry and valuables.

Generally, the best bet when river tubing or white water rafting is a comfortable bathing suit because you are definitely going to get wet in high water levels or even in calm waters. Not only bathing suits such as neoprene wetsuits are water-safe and fit securely, but they also dry pretty fast so you don’t stay in wet clothes and feel cold when you walk back or get out of the river raft.

More importantly, a bathing suit will expose your skin to a lot of sunlight while floating leisurely on your raft, tube or kayak, regardless of the weather being cold or hot during the float trip. Tubing can surely hurt your skin, so better come prepared and don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you also plan to swim or kayak on the trip.