Is Rafting Safe For Non-Swimmers?

Whitewater rafting can still be enjoyable even if you don’t know how to swim and just want to enjoy the outdoors. It may sound scary because you need to navigate the raft in rapids of water, but this sports activity is actually safe for you. If you want to discover how this activity is safe enough to experience for non-swimmers, then keep reading.

Although floating the Illinois River in Tahlequah, OK is not necessarily the same as those treacherous rapids you might see in the movies, it can still get rough in some spots.


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Everything You Need To Know About Rafting

Water sports like rafting and kayaking utilize boats and unsinkable rafts for the entire outdoor activity. The sport’s level of challenge varies depending on the strength of the water current. It is because of the objective of this sport which is to steer the raft in a river facing downstream. River rafting is performed by eight to twelve persons with the rafting guide in a remote area.

It’s possible to do it alone, but most people do it in groups, and effective water management depends on everyone working together. There are three types of rafts: gear boats, paddle boats, and oar combination rafts. Every type of raft has its use and advantages for everyone who performs this sport with a different skill level and in a more challenging river.

Moreover, there are inherent risks and the biggest dangers with this water sport. Still, most river rafting companies surely have safety techniques and safety equipment for your river trips to be enjoyable. This sport is classified into degrees and is called class one up to class six or the “International Scale of River Difficulty.”

Is Rafting Dangerous For Non-Swimmers?

Suppose it’s the first time you’ve heard about white water rafting. In that case, you probably thought of a harrowing experience and underwater obstacles that can cause serious injury, especially if you don’t have good swimming ability. Generally, this sport involves water; this may be daunting for a non-swimmer. But keep in mind that this is a safe sport.

If you are on a rafting trip and want to brave the American river, an experienced rafting company will teach you to learn basic safety techniques. It is important for non-swimmers rafting to exercise caution while the boat is in rapids. If you ever come out of the boat accidentally, do not swim too hard. You must always keep your cool while rafting especially.

Even strong swimmers need the necessary precautions for this kind of sport. So if you don’t have strong swimming abilities, the safety briefing will help you. River rafting companies will have a guide trained in first aid and teach the absolute necessity to maneuver the raft in the river safely. So you must possess self-rescue and special skills to stay safe if you fall into the cold water.


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Tips During Rafting Trips

Going on white water rafting to experience and see the rivers’ natural beauty doesn’t require strong swimming skills. If you don’t know how to swim or are already an experienced swimmer on a rafting trip, you must know what to do or not do on the raft.

Before inquiring to some river outfitters to go rafting, make sure to go shopping for appropriate clothing and equipment. Wear an anti-chafing and waterproof outfit and footwear with lace, so you don’t fall easily.

If you’re in the activity, wear your life jacket and helmet even if you feel uncomfortable. Wearing safety gear such as life jackets and helmets will assist you if you fall in the rapids of water. And if you drop yourself in the water, relax and immediately lie with your head up and on your back. This position will help you swim faster and stay afloat in the flat water.

Also, this is a team activity, so you must master your t-grip on the paddle. Having control of your grip on the oar will contribute to your safety and other people on the raft while in the rapids. Finally, always listen to your guide and enjoy the ride.

Add Fun To Your Life By Going On A Rafting Trip

This kind of sport doesn’t require you to have excellent swimming ability. Additionally, this activity will benefit your body in many ways. So, go rafting today with your friends or loved ones to add fun memories to your lives!