5 Tips: Preparation For Your Kid’s First Floating Trip

Exposing your young kids to various outdoor trips like river floating can give them a chance to have fun, connect and learn about the environment. However, there are a few external risks and dangers that hold parents back from taking the kids outdoors on a camping or floating trip in the rivers.

Give your whole family a fool-proof float trip by being adequately prepared beforehand. Here are the 5 Tips for preparing for your rafting trip with the kids:


helping a boy how to correctly fasten life jacket


  1. Plan out and communicate before your float trip

Before heading on to your first trip, you must discuss all the necessary safety concerns, and make a plan in the event that something unforeseen happens. It is best if family members and friends have responsibility. It teaches everyone accountability.

Older kids should look after the younger kids during the trip, especially if it is multi-day. Also, make the kids familiar with the entire floating trip and things. Introduce the raft or boat, paddle, and the single most important piece for safety, the PDF.

We recommend teaching your child swimming lessons and orienting them about rafting before the river float trip.

  1. Secure life jackets and pack dry bags during the rafting trip adventure

You are ensuring the kids’ safety by securing each of them with safety gear like the PFDs. Everyone should have their personal flotation device or life jacket. The kids should know how to use them during the float trip.

A dry bag could help store essentials like river food, snacks, and toiletries and avoid getting wet. There are instances where snacks are provided during a break.

  1. Stay cool, hydrated, and protected from the sun when having your river trip

Use carabiners to secure their water bottles in the front of your own raft, kayak, or wherever they are seated to remind our kids to stay hydrated. In this manner, children can easily see and access the water bottle during the whole course of the float trip. Also, during your multi-day trips, remind everyone to apply at least 30SPF sunscreen for sun protection every 2 hours.


water bottles in front of kayak during float trip


  1. Pack a first-aid kit

It is usual for kids to have sudden cuts or wounds when exploring. Do not forget that your kit must have a treatment for wounds, cuts, or scratches in. It will prevent infections, especially when water enters the open wound during the rafting trip. It should also contain Benadryl or allergic medications.

  1. Choose kid-friendly rapids

When rafting, match the level of rapids to the age of the children you are with. Class II is ideal for beginners because the route is simple with wide, clear channels and poses little to no hazard to swimmers wearing a PFD. The course may require you to negotiate around a boulder, but they are easily missed with a bit of practice.

Other Things to Observe During Your River Float Trip

  • Do not wear flip-flops or detachable accessories in the river
  • Check both regional and local weather before river rafting
  • When you consider river camping, make sure that your camp is safe
  • Bring a net. You might catch a fresh meal from the river!
  • Rafts are not practical when you have a baby.
  • Always jump in the water feet first.
  • Let the kids wear warm, breathable, quick-drying clothing.